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ACOP Summer Camps

Ever since the institution of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Old Testament, God has been calling his people to set aside a week each year to “camp” in temporary dwellings—for the Jews it was to commemorate the 40 years of desert wandering—for Christians it is an opportunity for spiritual renewal and refreshing.

For me bible camps have been places where I have grown spiritually and where I have had profound encounters the Holy Spirit. The same has been true for my children and now my grandchildren.

It is my prayer that all of the bible camps across our Fellowship will thrive and that every person who attends will experience spiritual renewal and refreshing.

Wes Mills—President of ACOP


Cowichan Camp

We are anticipating another great time this summer. This could be the getaway that your family is waiting for. Sign up soon to reserve your spot, since spaces are limited.

We look forward to seeing you at our camp by the river!

childrens day Camps

July 11-15 | August 22-25


Youth Camp

July 25-30 | S'more Aug 26-28


Family Camp

July 20-25



Kedleston Gospel Camp

“I wasn’t expecting the overpowering feeling of love and care during this week [of camp]. All of the leaders and speakers were so amazing. They breathed life into me that I’ve never really felt before.”

“I love Kedleston! Camp is a place I can come to get away from all the busyness and be still. Not only that, there are amazing friendships to be made at camp!”

childrens Camps

July 25-28 (Ages 6-8) | Aug 15-18 (Ages 8-10) Early Bird until June 1st!

Teen Camp

July 10-15 Junior | July 3-8 Senior Early Bird until June 1st!

Family Camp

July 17-22 | July 31-Aug 5
*max rates apply



Moose Lake Gospel camp

We desire that campers will experience a safe and welcoming atmosphere in our outdoor environment; as well as, hear a clear and practical representation of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Children's Camp

July 3-8 | July 17-22

Junior Youth camp

July 10-15

Family Camps | Whole Hearted Camping

July 24-30 | July 31- Aug 6



Pembina Bible Camp

Pembina Bible Camp is a family-orientated camp located alongside the beautiful Pembina River in Alberta.

Camp offers a rustic summer experience rich in fun, friendship, learning, and adventure. 

Family Camps

July 10-16 | July 17-23



Springside Apostolic
Bible Camp

Springside Camp is nestled in a peaceful coulee with a river around it, just east of Springside, Saskatchewan. Springside Apostolic Bible Camp (SABC) has been teaching the foundations of Christian living and a relationship with Jesus Christ for the last 60 years.

Here on the peaceful grounds many children, teens, and families have come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour, and encountered Him in a real and meaningful way!

We would love for you to join us this summer!  Take a look around the website for more details!

Worship Unlimited Camp

July 14-17


Family Camp

July 20-24



Trossachs Gospel Camp

Trossachs Camp Meeting Association’s mission and purpose is to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in all we do.

Our facilities and activities will be used to provide for the physical, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual development of Christian adults and children of all ages; promoting an active relationship with God and a camping experience for all ages where lifelong friendships can be fostered.

Trossachs Camp believes in growing disciples and supports international missions to spread Christ’s love throughout the year.

Each camp pastor, director, and staff member works diligently to provide a safe environment to teach the love of Christ through example.


Veteran Full Gospel Camp

Veteran Camp is a summer bible camp for the whole family.

For the first week of July, the camp comes alive as children, youth and adults gather for fun activities, dynamic worship, speaking, and positive fellowship with friends old and new!

All Camps

July 4-10