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39th Annual Conference

The thirty-ninth annual Conference of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada opened in Zion Apostolic Church, Vancouver, with the shadow of a dark cloud hanging over the entire gathering.

Our host Pastor and Moderator, Brother Batke, had been hospitalized just a few days before the conference and his serious condition was the cause of heavy hearts.

The responsibilities of the conference direction became the lot of the Clerk, Brother F. Assman. Under his direction, the session opened and in due course elected Brother E.L. McRae of Regina, as acting moderator for the conference sessions.

Sister Batke brought a very heartwarming welcome to the conference delegates. She also gave an up-to-date report on Brother Batke’s condition and concluded by reading a letter directed to the conference from Brother Batke.

In my mind, this report and letter will continue as a conference highlight, even though the circumstances producing them were, to say the least, very trying. Later in the conference, a love offering for Brother and Sister Batke and family was received, with June 7th being set aside as a day of fasting and prayer on behalf of Brother Batke.

Zion Apostolic Church, where the conference sessions were held, was recently purchased and dedicated by Pastor Batke and his congregation. The building is well designed and equipped to accommodate such gatherings. Meals for the delegates were served in the adjoining church hall and this part of the conference responsibility was handled by Pastor and Mrs. Dean of Surrey.

Capacity crowds were present for the evening services. Speakers for the night services were, Brother John Francis of Edmonton, Brother G.S. McLean of Eston, Brother R.E.S. Toms of Victoria, and Brother L. Crick of Melfort. Much of the music was supplied by the F.G.B.I Choir under the direction of Brother A.D. Marshall.

Missionary day proved to be another conference highlight. In the morning session, the entire time was given over to business relative to home and foreign missions. The financial report revealed that nearly $100,000.00 was channeled through Missionary Council in the 1959-1960 fiscal year. The activities of the Ladies’ Missionary Circles under the leadership of Sister George Spicer were endorsed wholeheartedly by the conference.

The afternoon missionary service was directed by Missionary Council Chairman, Bro. E.L. McRae. He called upon missionaries Brother and Sister Jamieson, Brother and Sister Powers, Brother and Sister Gordon, Brother I. Gillett, Brother L. Simcoe, and Sister M. Davies to speak briefly about their fields of service. The main speaker of the afternoon was Brother Martin Davies. Once again, Missionary Day revealed that the Apostolic Fellowship remains predominantly “missionary-minded.”

The conference concluded with a vote of thanks to the Vancouver Assembly for their hospitality for being the host this year. Brother Breen extended a tentative invitation to the Conference to meet in Moose Jaw next year.

39th Annual Conference

[Taken from End Times’ Messenger July 1960—Written by: Lorne O. Pritchard]

As our Rooted & Reaching Reunion approaches and we’re set to celebrate ACOPs 100th Anniversary—it’s neat to read about past gatherings and to see that the heartbeat of our Fellowship remains steadfast!

Brother Lorne O. Pritchard wrote: “In my mind, this report and letter will continue as a conference highlight…”

We’re wondering if you have a Conference “highlight” to share with us?

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