extending grace igniting hope

This is YOUR time

You are here today and God placed you in this time to ignite a passion.

Passion for your community, church, for making disciples—for the Kingdom of God!

We need and celebrate the diversity of callings that exists in the body of Christ, and in YOU!

Leaders & Disciples who are confident in giftings and the call of God on their lives; looking to bring out the best in others.

Committed to seeing Jesus at work in the local church and the greater community…

you just might be one of us

join our acop family

Though we represent hundreds of Churches and ministers who live their lives on mission.

We are more than an organization, credentialing agency, or administrative structure!

We walk in relationship with each other, much like a family, and like any family, we are extremely diverse as individuals and as churches— representing all age groups.

We value You—your God-given spiritual gifts, passions, skills, and abilities. Together we can fulfill the purpose of God in our time!

Our Vision

A global movement

of passionate people extending God’s grace and igniting hope in every community.

Our Mission

effective leaders

To develop and release effective leaders and healthy churches who transform communities with the Gospel.

ACOP is...

What we believe

A fellowship that represents hundreds of churches and credentialed ministers across Canada.

Extending Grace
Igniting Hope

Making disciples of all nations

Global Harvest

The missions division of ACOP of Canada. We envision the good news of Jesus Christ being spread throughout the world by making disciples of all nations. We intend to achieve this vision by giving priority to reaching those who have little or no access to the gospel with the belief that they will inevitably become disciples who will reach out and make more disciples.

Let's build something amazing together.