Members Only: My ACOP

Wes Mills has been President of ACOP since 2004. Prior to assuming the role of President he was the Director of Administration and Finance for ACOP, and prior to that served as the founding pastor of North Edmonton Christian Fellowship.

Wes has a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from Eston College and Masters of Christian Leadership Degree from Crest Leadership/Rocky Mountain College.

Wes has been married to Lois for 35 years, they have 2 grown sons and 4 grandchildren.

Board of Trustees:
The official governing body of ACOP is the Board of Trustees. There are currently 5 Regional Trustees, and 2 Trustees at Large, the President serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. The Current Trustees are as follows:

  1. Rev. Wes Mills
    President/ Chairman
  2. Rev. Stewart MacKenzie - Pastor
    Pacific Region
  3. Rev. Dawn Graburn - Global Worker
    Rocky Mountain Region
  4. Rev. Allen Huckabay - Pastor
    Prairie Region
  5. Rev. Peter Barbour - Pastor
    Central Region
  6. Rev. Chad Billington - Pastor
    Québec & Maritime Region
  7. Mr. Arthur Tymos – Businessman
    Trustee at Large
  8. Mr. Brian Gronberg – Businessman
    Trustee at Large
  9. Mrs. Darla Matchett
    Corporate Secretary

National Apostolic Team:
The National Apostolic Team is comprised of the Regional Directors and the President. The Apostolic Team provides apostolic leadership to the Fellowship.

  1. Rev. Wes Mills
  2. Rev. Rod Barks
    Regional Director
  3. Rev. Kenn Parker
    Regional Director
  4. Rev. Dave Wicks
    Regional Director
  5. Rev. Stan Powers
    Regional Director

Ministry Divisions:

  1. International Ministry
    Global Harvest
  2. Canadian Church Planting
    Church Multiplication Network
    Rev. Kenn Parker
  3. Youth Ministry
    Apostolic Youth Ministry International
    Rev. Larry Moore